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Minutia Manager

You think your boss sucks? Not compared to this guy. With his ridiculous blend of home spun analogies and dumb ass remarks, MoGee the Minutia Manager defines condescending. The sad part is he doesn't even realize he is being a jerk. MoGee is proof positive that all jerks are stupid jerks.

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Click on MoGee's face an he'll spew forth stupidity as only the Minutia Manager can.

Logo Bomb Explodes

After many months of torture under Mogee's oppressive reign, his disgruntled crew deployed a diabolical company logo which replaced the signature graphic sent with email messages by their doomed associates. The logo was modified to exact revenge on the evil presence that threatened to destroy the division, and the world.

In an obvious act of divine intervention, MoGee was fired three days after the logo bomb exploded! (See signature image below).

Warmest Regards,
Bea Tindown
Mogee Sucks
Customer Abuse Manager
Tremble Nastigation, Inc.

Visitor Commentary

MoGee hails from Waterhead, Missouri. This explains his need to see documented proof for every element of being. Not to infer that all managers from Missouri are inept and incompetent, but here are a few visitor comments about management types from the Show Me state.