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KLorgè! Internationalé

Are you an international man of mystery? Prove that you're a true cosmopolite and select the correct english translations of these common European phrases.


1. "La ballena está quemando"
 The ballerina is a hunchback.
 The ball is square.
 The whale is burning.

2. "Mi amigo es inflable"
 My friend is inflatable.
 My buddy is a bubble.
 My argument is infalible.


3. "Meine nippel explodieren mit excitement"
 Please tighten the bolt.
 My nipples explode with excitement.
 My faucet is leaking freely.

4. "Der zwerg ist mit meinem huhn"
 I speak fluent pig latin.
 My dog is a dwarf.
 The dwarf is with my chicken.


5. "Mon aéroglisseur est plein des anguilles"
 Please park my aircraft.
 My jet ski is plain.
 My hovercraft is full of eels.

6. "Je suis très grisouteux aujourd'hui"
 I have oily discharge.
 I am very gassy today.
 I wish to sit down.


7. "Quella mucca è pazzo"
 That cow is crazy.
 I'd like my steak well done.
 I have hoof & mouth disease.

8. "Il mio cuscino è riempito con pomodori"
 The pom-poms are in the casino.
 My pillow is filled up with tomatoes.
 My pita is full of onions.


9. "Eu tenho um cogumelo em minhas calças"
 I lack a tight belt.
 I have a mushroom in my pants.
 I have fungus on my buttocks.

10. "Meu cotovelo necessita um sanduíche"
 My elbow needs a sandwich.
 My microphone needs padding.
 My pads are missing.