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Beer, hooray beer!The KLorg Happy Hour Information Service is a non-profit organization which addresses the need for stress free happy hour planning. Utilizing powerful LIT technology, the service enables global libationary collaboration and correlation. Selected locations are published each month. KHHIS happy hours are held every Friday. Mark your calendar or sign up for email and wireless happy hour alerts. Don't blow KHHIS off!

This week's Happy Hour is at:

Bikini Lounge
Location: 1502 Grand Avenue
City of: Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602-252-0472

What's Up:

Tiki bar minus umbrella drinks

This is a:

dive tavern.

Cocktail Quotes


Girly drinksPicture, if you will, any Friday afternoon. Your work week is winding to a close. A couple of cool beverages with friends would surely highlight the day. You say to yourself, "I wonder what insert name here is doing after work. You try in vain to remember email addresses and phone numbers of local comrades (where'd I put that Ginkgo). Chaos ensues as multiple sessions of email and phone tag tie up our nation's communication backbone. Next comes the painstaking process of selecting an establishment. Ten friends suggest eight different taverns. Which to choose? Collectively, the group struggles to make this decision, one not to be taken lightly. Who needs the hassle? No one in their right mind would volunteer for such social abuse.

Enter KHHIS. The communication and notification process is fully automated through our patented Libation Information Technology. The submission database is analyzed each week. The GETLIT algorithm provides for pseudo democratic selection by geographic area. Developed by a major defense contractor for the Air Force, LIT was used to coordinate drinking activities among pilots during operation Desert Storm. Today, a declassified commercial version of the technology powers this web page.

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KHHIS Libation Location updates can be delivered to any email or fax mail address.  Happy Hour information can even be sent to your favorite wireless device.  Sign up for the Happy Hour Information Service today.