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Behold The Psychic Burrito

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The burrito has been a staple food in many lands for hundreds of years.  Western culture has spawned a variety of "perfect" burritos.  From the lowly convenience store microwave burrito, to the football size versions found in Summit, Illinois.

Build your favorite burrito, and find out what topping selection says about your personality, your life, your past, your future.  Be amazed as the tortilla wrapped seuth sayer reveals all.


chicken carne asada carnitas
vegetarian rice and beans 


none monterey jack cheddar cotija 


tomato lettuce cilantro lemon
guacamole sour cream onion 


fire  salsa verde  picadillo  mild  none 

Click "Submit" after you've filled out the form. You'll be stunned as the Psychic Burrito tells your fortune!

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