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5x9 ArizonaSolar cycle 24 is slowly headed toward useful activity levels. The increasing sunspot and solar flux numbers are signs that 10 meter DX may once again become a regular occurrence. Check out the ham shack and useful propagation tool.

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ON Target

Walther P22Plinking has spelled the death of many a citrus fruit and empty can in Arizona. Rapid fire rounds into an abandoned car in the desert chop a ragged hole through the door. At the local shooting range target rifles score dime sized groups at 100 yards and beyond. Download our free Bullet Bowling target.

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Blast OFF

Rocket LaunchLaunching model rockets is great fun and relatively inexpensive as hobbies go. Recovering the rockets you fly is even better and goes a long way toward keeping the hobby affordable. Beeper beacons help us track our birds.

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Fish ON

Tempe Town LakeHow do you go fishing in a desert? Believe it or not there are quite a few lakes within an hours drive from Phoenix. A huge resevoir system offer loads of angling opportunities. Spincast a hunk of hot dog and hang on for the Lake Marlin.

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