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Vienna Sausage Revealed

Behold the son of sausageThese tiny cocktail weiners are so much more than mere spongy meat logs. Vienna sausage live and breathe as you and I, despite persecution throughout history. Extensive examination of world politics and religion has revealed these potted meat potentates to be a single binding factor among many theories and theologies. Take a moment to explore and understand the secrets of the sausage.

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Arizona 1070 Bus Lines

Thanks to a bloated and poorly managed government program, convicted gang members were able to start a transportation firm that can resolve Arizona's illegal alien problems. This free bus service may help you avoid Sheriff Joe's tent city. If you're in AZ without proper documentation, California welcomes you!

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Interactive Psychic Burrito

Psychic BurritoBuild the perfect burrito with your favorite toppings. Place your order and the Psychic Burrito will tell your fortune and accurately predict what the future holds for you.

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Three Minute Web Games

The Infidels must dieTake a break from work or while in the office and play a quick stress relieving game. Enjoy our online games undetected by the bandwidth police. Hit the slopes at your desk or blast away at the bad guys without embarking on a trip to the Middle East.

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Pocket Carrot Video

KLorg nutritionists have partnered with a world renouned dietitian and turned the food pyramid sideways to provide a court mandated community service. Please watch our PSA and help get this Federal judge off our backs.

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Birthplace of Interactive Humor

YEOW my toes are on fireThe first early humoroid paintings were discovered accidentally in pre-revolutionary France during a typical surrender to Celtic invaders.  Deep inside the caves at Lascaux ancient hunter-artists painted pictures of early interactive humor on the walls.  Experts believe this primitive drawing depicts a prehistoric "hot foot".

Juhav Toulaffe - clown and scientistIn the 1740s Juhav Toulaffe categorized five types of humoroid interactivity that are prevalent even today in modern web sites.  The first is backside humor - humor related to excrement and flatulence (poop and fart jokes).  Next is humor at the expense of others - humor derived by subjecting another being to the brunt of an action.  Fifth is general humor - who scored several decisive victories in Austria during the First World War.

The creators of KLorg! embrace Toulaffe's research and strive to provide all five categories of humor to our visitors. Click on any one of the Specialty links on this page and experience what has been termed funny, useless and just plain stupid.

Tongue Twisting Translation

Fahrten is not offensive in some countries, even in an elevator. Did you just ask the waiter for ice water or horse liver? Be prepared for your next overseas adventure. Take the KLorg! phrase translation quiz and show the world you're not umday in any language.

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Silly Sound Bytes

Sounds, clips and musicSample our web auditorium chock full of .wav PC audio files, sound bytes, movie clips and downloadable music from the Big Jags Live collection. Featuring sound track clips from the movie Tommy Boy.

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