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Crappy Sounds

A crappy collection of poop and fart .wav format sound files. Crank ( no pun intended ) up your PC speakers and share with your cubicle mates.

Radio, Radio!

Do NOT miss the opportunity to listen to all the KLorg Radio broadcasts. Produced by the legendary Bruce Dickenson in the basement of the local machine shop with a Close-N-Play and a car radio out of a '79 Ford. You simply can't miss these shortwave quality podcasts.

Gotta Have More Cow Bell »

Big Jags - Lawn Jockey

Big Jags LIVE

Ladies and gentlemen, the Big Jags are back. Like so many bad eighties bands the Big Jags produced a digitally remastered recording of stuff that was not good enough to make the cut on previous releases. Not to say any of their music ever made the top ten, but it is available on in the "Less than one hit wonders" category. Today, they are all wearing gold plated diapers.

Audio Humor

A few more silly sound clips in .wav format. Once you've heard them all play the rimshot one more time and leave it open. It'll come in handy when you get to the Joke-A-Matic Brain.

Tommy Boy Movie Quotes

Here comes the meatwagon

Tommy Boy is a sound byte favorite with Chris Farley. David Spade plays the perfect accomplice to the big man, these two comedians represent the modern day Laurel and Hardy. "You're trailing off, did I hear a niner in there?"