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Recreational Model Rocketry

Lift off of beeper rocketOver the last few years we have lost, blown up, burned down, and fished out more rockets than we care to quantify. As our hobby progressed the space craft became larger, more complex and increasingly expensive to fly.  Electronic payloads (read, more equipment to lose) accompanied the high tech boosters to collect data, fire ejection charges and aid ground tracking crews when recovering the rockets as they returned from the upper atmosphere.

We have conti-noodleySince we moved to the desert we have gone back to basics.  Flying lightweight model rockets on engines with C-6 power is every bit as satisfying as the big ticket launches.  The family formula includes nylon parachutes, nomex wadding and in some cases audio tracking beepers.  The lack of trees and tall grasses has greatly improved the rate of successful recovery. The latest version of the audio tracking beeper costs a mere $15 to build.

Links below capture a few great moments in our quest to enjoy rocketry as a hobby while retaining experimental hardware.  We learned a little with every flight, including new ways to cope with loss. Many of our launches were very impressive, a few were not. At least our failures didn't cost $165 million and end up Mars litter (sorry NASA).

Launch Movies - Realmedia

Sunset RecoveryUPDATE - The kids are getting busy with school and work. Family launch fests had become a rarity. We have passed the boosters and beepers onto the next generation of rocketeers. Local scouts are the latest beneficiaries of KLorg! launch and recovery technologies. Hopefully they will share our success and maybe even a few rocket photos.

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