K7LOL Antenna Farm

If you look very carefully at the photo below you might notice a couple of antennas. Cleverly disguised as a ten foot stalagmite is a fiberglass 2 meter vertical. Directly underneath the stick are the driven elements from a Mosley TA-53 which beautify the neighborhood while inconspicuously handling HF on five bands from 20 to 10 meters.

The low band antenna is a small yard sized end fed wire matched with a 9:1 unun with 75 feet of LMR240 and a big honking choke about 40 feet from the shack to mitigate RFI. The 53 foot wire handles 160 though 30 meters and makes a great MW broadcast band receive antenna.

Communications HQ

Here is the K7LOL ham radio shack. The Kenwwod 480 rig works great on 6 through 160 meters despite the limited antenna configuration and my trusty Icom 2100H does fine on 2 meter FM. The Motorola P25 trunked XTS5000 portable on the corner of the desk costs more than the entire room.

The whole shack including fans and lights is powered by 160 amp hours of batteries. A single 145 watt solar panel on the porch roof keeps them charged even on cloudy winter days. Full sun delivers about 8 amps at 15 volts to the charge controller despite the hundred foot long power cable.

Previous Callsigns

Set the way back machine to 1977 and you've got the Carl Sandburg HS Amateur Radio Club ( WB9NXM ) promoting ham radio in a Chicago area mall. I'm the slickster ( WB9VMW ) in the leisure suit. Look carefully and you might notice my cool etched circuit board call sign tag. Sincere thanks to Jim Watt ( W9ATT ) for providing this embarassing photo.

Here is picture of my cat ( no website is complete without one ) enjoying the warmth of a pair of 6JB6's. My rig at the time was a National NCX-5 feeding a Hy Gain vertical on the roof. I don't recall working any DX stations with this set up, but it sure was a step up from my Heathkit HW-16. As a newly licensed Advanced Class operator I could now contact other hams using my voice, which would turn out to be pretty cool post adolesence.

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