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KLorg! Interactive has been serving up best of breed do nothing, time killing all around fun for over a decade. Our management is comprised of burger joint rejects who managed to produce some fine looking resumes. Get yourself a fake degree, be prepared to lie during interviews and you're a vice president.

The staff at KLorg! are generally misfits and malcontents. Long lunch and web surfing skills are widely represented among our associates. The recent acquisition of has resulted in scales of economy (we fired all of their folks) that assure our survival in this hostile economic environment.

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We receive countless emails regarding the all natural herbal enlargement of our thingies, foreclosure reports and the frequent "pass along or die" prayer. We review and appreciate every last word, but can't always return each message. Rest assured that your correspondence are prioritized right along with chain emails and significantly above male enhancement supplement ads.







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KLorg Interactive offers a wide variety of advertising opportunities and link exchanges throughout our service to drive traffic and revenue to your website. Interested in targeting specific audiences by keywords, word phrases, domains, or channels? Our marketing slackers can make it happen     ... eventually.

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