K7LOL   Chasing Certificates

Five Band Worked All StatesI have never been an awards chaser, or so I thought. When I got back on the air several years ago with a RCI Ranger I somehow managed to make radio contacts with 102 countries with 35 watts and a wire dipole. I earned a DXCC certificate for 10 meters. It was hard to imagine I had joined the ARRL DX Century Club after thirty some years as a ham.

Along came solar cycle 24, a newer rig, better antenna and a few more DXCC awards. Joined by 10 WAS certificates including 160 meters, 5 band WAS plus WARC, three WPX awards and an ARRL Triple Play.  Hey, this is fun!

Currently, my On Air time is mostly split between 30m and 80m, CW and digital modes. I have logged contacts with 236 countries and received confirmation from 218 overall.

Of 9000 plus QSOs in last few years, more than half are acknowledged with no stamps or IRCs. All the accredited K7LOL QSLs are through Logbook of The World. I am a fan of LoTW as the service has saved me hundreds of dollar in postage. Plus no manual card checking needed, all automatic. Highly recommended!

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