K7LOL   Multiband Vertical Aerial

53 feet of glorious aluminumMany of my attempts at carefully crafted theoretical high performance sky hooks are frequently haunted by the demons of real life. Yet, all is not lost as I have deployed a simple aerial that keeps me on the air with moderate success while beautifying the neighborhood.

Behold the configurable elevated vertical. A foldover mount, large selection of aluminum tubing and counterpoise / radial kits allow a variety of possible configurations. In the winter 43 to 58 foot vertical radiators mounted on the patio roof perform well on the lower bands. Summer storms with high winds and plentiful lightning during the monsoon season dictate safer, shorter lengths which favor higher frequencies.

My 150 Foot Balloon Vertical !

There are three connection options at the antenna base. A matching transformer offers 4:1 and 9:1 ratios to service multiple bands as desired. Or there is the 1:1 resonant option with tuned radial(s) for a single band. My favorite set up is a 53 foot vertical with a single 53 foot counterpoise run to a PVC pole in the yard, using the 9:1 unun.

My vertical cannot outperform a titanium beamatron at 90 feet or a megadouble latte beverage antenna, but it is very simple and simply works.

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